End-to-End Transportation Management System for Shippers, Carriers & Startups

Empower your shippers, Carriers & Drivers with real-time execution in a controlled manner

Complete TMS Solution

Manage, automate and centralize your freight management, we offer complete stack of the transport SaaS product so that you can manage FTL/FCL & LTL shipments with ease and on the go.

Transport Digitization

Digitize your transport operations with negligible upfront investment, get ahead with business intelligence, Demand planning & forecasting.

Hassle Free Operations

Paperless electronic workflows, real time monitoring and alerts, and controls to get a complete grip on you transport operations.

Key benefits for Shipper & Carriers


Real-time Tracking for orders and fleet


Shipment Status Notification


Customized Web & Application Development Support

Flexible Pricing Plans (Pay as you go)

Complete Autonomy to Manage your FTL/FCL/LTL Shipments the way you want

Load Board

Integration with leading ERP Solutions

Instant PODs

Tired of Running after your Carriers!

Plan and execute your shipments with a lean approach and get complete grip on order planning, execution and visibility with real time monitoring and alerts
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One Stop Shop

Plan and execute all of your shipments on one place, paperless. Negotiate the Trip rates with the carriers or brokers in your network through the workflows, or route a spot rate job in your network and let suppliers in your network compete with each other to choose the job first.

Seamless Information Flow

Get a complete grip on the progress of your Job orders. Track and monitor your Trips as it progresses through the system. Keep your consignees informed without the hassle of additional communication. Enjoy a better transparency for the trips rate management.

Locate your trucks

Carriers can monitor the location of their fleet in their dashboard and can plan and match the on-demand freight with greater visibility and control, the shipper is kept informed at each stage while the FTL shipment progresses towards completion.

Unlock Your True Capacity Potential, be Visible to your clients

Connect with your shippers directly and let yor drivers recieve the order information directly on their devices. Know where your trucks are engaged on the map, all without any extra cost.
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