Simple & Straight forward Pricing plans scalable according to your business requirements

We have implemented simple work-flows to manage & route your transportation requests based on your requirements, no setup and trainings required for your staff to manage the routine operations, works best for the FTL and LTL point to point shipments. No Hidden Charges.

Pricing Plan

Free Trail


  • 10 Trips for first Month
  • 0 $ / Trip


$124 Monthly

  • 100 Trips per Month
  • 1.24 $ / Trip


$325 Monthly

  • 300 Trips per Month
  • 1.08 $ / Trip


$499 Monthly

  • 500 Trips per Month
  • 1.00 $ / Trip


$899 Monthly

  • 1000 Trips per Month
  • 0.90 $ / Trip

If you don't know your monthly shipment volume, you can subscribe to our bulk plan with a predefined volume of shipments. Contact us for a customized plan as per your requirement.Works great for the Project related shipments.

For CUSTOMIZED plans, please contact us for a free quote

* Includes Sms and email Alerts on defined intervals


Pre-agreed Rates
(Spot Rates, Coming soon)
Android + iOS Driver Apps
Seamless Information Flow
(between Stakeholders)
Unlimited Drivers
(For Carriers & Brokers)
SMS and Email Alerts
Fleet Tracking for Carriers, Brokers & Shippers*
(Assigned Jobs only for Shippers)

Common Pricing Questions

What is a "Trip" ?
"Trip" is the unit of work (transportation job) for FTL/FCL related Point to Point Shipments comprised of Loose Cargo (2 point) or Shipping Containers (3 Point) that needs to be completed by the Carriers or Brokers on the behalf of the Shippers/Consignees.
Whether you are a Shipper, A Carrier or a Broker (with the 3rd Party Trucks registered under your account), the unit "Trip" remains the same for all type of users. “If you are a shipper” then your Carriers or Brokers must have an active subscription or an active Free Trial account to receive the jobs orders with in their portal.
Choose a right Monthly Plan according to your Business needs.
The Billing is straight forward, The user have the full autonomy to choose the right plan (monthly, 6 months, yearly subscription) according to the shipment volume of his organization. The more you will ship, the lesser per Trip rate will be applied. You can switch between the plans at any given time.
Free Trial.
There is no Risk, no obligation and No Credit Card Required. You can use the services on for upto 60 x days for Free. After the 60 x days you will be asked to enter the billing details to continue with your subscription and to choose plan as per your business requirement. You can cancel at any time.
How do I Pay ?
You will be billed in advance after you choose a valid subscription plan, you will be asked to process the payment through the Payment gateway integrated with our platform. For the annual enterprise plan you will be given an invoice in advance to process the payment through the usual banking channel. The subscription plan will be activated as soon as the payment processing is confirmed.